Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Does Hillary Feel About This?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton will bury this country, and I love the bitter attacks between her and Obama. Knowing that both of the Democratic presidential candidates would destroy the remaining liberties we have as citizens, liberals' present choice is between a man with little experience and strong anti-American ties, or a woman who "misspeaks" and lies. In all honesty, these are probably the least of their concerns, but these issues are forefront in the media, so that is what people are thinking about now.

Soon, Barack Obama will have all of his dirty secrets drug out, even worse than his relationship and shared ideas with close friend and vocal backer Rev. Wright. And of course Hillary Clinton's lack of executive experience, shady cover-ups and mysterious deaths associated with her family will be unearthed again. As frustrating and difficult as this may be for some, especially the candidates...I say...Let the good times roll!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Congratulations Hillary!

Congrats on your success with Super Tuesday II! I suppose now is when the claws really come out, mostly towards Obama, but also towards McCain. I am truly excited to see how things proceed over the next couple of weeks, and just how vicious things will get. I am happy that Hillary Clinton is revived and still in the race, I just hope nobody gets hurt here. Of course, many of those skeletons (at least in the Clinton closet) were buried when her husband ran for president.

I do wish Obama luck through this battle, though he is completely undeserving of the position for which he is running, but so is Hillary. I am looking for someone with experience, and I just haven't found that candidate yet. If any of you can recommend someone, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary's Depressing Drop

I do honestly wish that I could be a part of the Clinton Campaign to know how this Obama flux is effecting her personally. I am not critical of how she is campaigning (at least, not at this point), simply how she might be handling her current drop in the polls. Is it Bill's fault? Is it her likability? Is it her gender? Well, who cares? Maybe everybody is just now starting to realize that she is not qualified to lead the greatest country in the world. Granted, neither is Obama.

I will venture to say that she is probably writhing with anger and frustration, and probably soon a defeat. This is going to be a very important and frustrating week for the left-wing extremists as they wait to find who they are droned to follow. And I have no doubt that any of these drones will have a problem with who the "choice" is, as long as they replace a Republican president. Ignorant dronism, but I suppose I can go into that on a different blog.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

So Hillary made it through Super Tuesday, was anyone surprised? Yes, Obama still did well in places, but that will not stop the Clinton-engine-that-would. Even if Obama has the support of the masses, Hillary has masses of henchmen. There very well may be a Clinton-Obama ticket, people seem to like him and fear her. Isn't that how the mafia works? Hitmen, pay-offs, posterboys...yeah, that sounds right.

Neither candidate has the defense experience to lead us out of the Middle East succesfully, neither has had long enough experience in the government to get the things we really need, and neither has the real experience in the economy to thwart whatever "disasters" may be coming. What exactly do either of these candidates have experience with? Is is worthy of leading our country?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can Bill be Harnessed?

I cannot help but add my own remarks about former President Bill Clinton, since everybody else seems to be commenting on his catty, some believe inappropriate, campaigning. So he attacks Obama, of course...he bickers with reporters, yeah. What I don't understand is why people find this odd. If he was going to act regal and appropriate, wouldn't he have acted like that in the oval office? Why does anyone expect this decent behavior now? In my opinion (which even my own father disagrees with), this is one of the reasons why spouses of former presidents should not be allowed to run for president. The people who support Bill Clinton, will listen to what he says now. It will not matter that his wife is even less qualified than him to lead the free world. He said it, it must be so. The Clinton-lemmings will use this rationale.

Yes, many people are criticising Bill because they want the Clinton slew to make way for Obama. These are the people who think it is more important to elect the first black president, rather than the first female president. Of course, my main bone to pick with these people is that they should pick the most qualified person for the job, not simply to try and achieve some new quota or establish presidential affirmative action.

In my opinion, the reasons Bill is out there so hard for Hill are selfish, not patriotic or supportive. He wants the prestige, he wants the money, and most importantly, he wants to be able to sleep with the most powerful woman in the world...good luck Bill, isn't she celibate?